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Creative director and designer, Suba Kailasapillai, worked in the creative industry for over 10 years. Inspired by her
love of couture fashions and luxury fabrics, and after several internships with top Canadian designers in Toronto,
she decided to start her own collection of accessories, mainly focusing on luxurious ties and bow ties.

From Italian silk to velvet detailing to vintage metallic, she’s easily set her collection apart from the rest.
Focusing on custom handcrafted ties and bow ties, POMEDÔRO combines masculine and feminine, as well as
ethereal and ornate. From custom tailoring to couture fabrics, not a detail is overlooked.

A mix of romantic opulence and regal elegance, POMEDÔRO’s creations are exclusive, and are all custom-fit.
Attention to fabric, detail, workmanship and quality are all at the heart of the brand. The entire line is made with
various luxury fabrics from around the world, often embellished with textured lace, beading and crystals.

Suba’s vision is to make POMEDÔRO a complete lifestyle brand focusing on all areas of men’s luxury goods.

Suba currently resides in Toronto.